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Delivery with Security

Immediate delivery, with control and traceability by using the ACK’ system that notifies the status of the invoice at any moment of its life cycle.


Zero development required. The creation and reception of the invoices are directly integrated into your ERP or accounting system.

Legal Compliance

Electronic signature mechanisms are applied to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of the invoices and therefore their legal validity.

Total Web Based

Forget about paper. Simple and agile for customers and suppliers with just a browser and internet access to manage the platform.

+15,0000 clients in the world trust in the EDICOM Solutions:

Sending Invoice Services
We deliver your invoice to all of your customers.


Your company is ready to work digitally, but your clients may not. Delays in account receivables are not viable these days. That is why it is essential to offer to your clients without technological capacity an agile and secure solution where they can receive and check their invoices.

EDI Solution:

EDICOM offers EDI web portals to automate the delivery of all your electronic invoices, guaranteeing immediate delivery to 100% of your clients.

One-click access provided to the recipients for checking, downloading or printing invoices published by your company.

How it helps?

Total control

Multiple communication controls, and different types of ACK or acknowledgements of delivery. These ACKs can be integrated into your ERP, in a seamless single process view of the status of your invoices.


The automatic online publication processes allow the documents generated in your ERP to be published almost simultaneously to their creation, which guarantees immediate delivery.

Security and accessibility

The published documents are kept at a high security levels, the access to the portal via user and password is according to current legislations. The electronic documents generated are valid as the original legal format for audits.


Supports multiple electronic signature protocols, integrating the tax control systems in force in each country, giving legal validity to the documents published in the portal.

Efficient management

The automation in the process of issuing and sending, eliminates the use of paper, or document image for subsequent sending by mail. This drastically reduces time and eliminates errors.

How the Client EDI Portal works

  • The sender generates 100% of its invoices according to its common processes and then transfer the data to EDICOM.
  • EDICOM performs the data transformation and recognize the receptors of each invoice.
  • The invoices are pushed to the Business@Mail or Client EDI Portal, the common Client space for publishing electronic documents.
  • The client is notified via Email with a link to the published invoice for checking, download or printing.
  • The sender has the control of the status of each invoice and knows whether the client accessed or not the invoices.

Invoice Receiving Service
Integrate 100% of your invoices electronically.


The new of social distancing makes the manipulation and management of paper documents a more important commercial barrier than ever. Your company may be technologically prepared to integrate invoices, but part of its suppliers maintains traditional management by sending invoices via manual Email or postal mail, which makes it difficult to accounts payable team.

EDI Solution:

The Supplier EDI portal for vendors with no technological solution implements a web solution for receiving orders and issuing electronic invoices. The orders act as a base document allowing the supplier to reuse the original information to issue the invoice through a simple web form. The final purpose is the full integration in electronic format directly into your accounts payable system.

How it helps


The flow of a commercial relationship is automated by electronic means, from the issuance of the order to the receipt of the invoice.


Invoices are integrated directly into your accounts payable system in the right format it can process automatically.

Status control of transactions

The invoices received are linked to the order, which simplifies the control and matching processes by the accounts payable team.

Validation System

Only the invoices with mandatory data will pass the validation process and will be integrated into the accounts payable system.


The portal implements mechanisms such as electronic signatures that guarantee compliance of the invoice generated with the legal technical specifications in force.

Efficient Management

Significant cost savings by integrating and automating the management of the accounts payable from your business with all trading partners, free of paper and time consuming manual processing.

How the Supplier EDI Portal works

  • The procurement system integrates with EDICOM.
  • The EDICOM Platform converts the orders in a valid structured data format.
  • EDICOM recognizes the recipient of the order and pushes it to a secure portal, notifications in real time are sent to the supplier confirming the reception of a new order.
  • One-click access is provided to the supplier for checking and download the new orders.
  • For invoice generation, the supplier can generate invoices via a one-click copy and paste of the marked order, additional data can be added as invoice number and date, and the invoice is ready to send in few minutes.
  • PDF invoice image can be attached with possibility to sign it electronically using the EDICOM delegated signature service.
  • The invoices are then automatically received, processed in the accounts payable system closing the end to end purchase to pay process.

EDICOM Global Technologic Provider
Get to know our global technologies


Active projects in +70 countries worldwide.


+15,000 satisfied clients.


8 offices in Europe and Americas


We move more than 500 million transactions.

EDICOM is a technological solution provider for data integration and information exchange since 1995. Our services includes specific tools for the electronic exchange of data adapted to the taxation and current legislation in a global basis. Our history has consolidated us as the leading IT provider for this type of system worldwide.

B2B Cloud Platform

Trust Service Provider

Data Integration

Safety and trust

Qualified Support

Global Compliance | We develop large scale global projects

Our Global Compliance platform provides scalability to your projects of electronic invoices with global coverage.

EDICOM's Global e-Invoicing platform simplifies the processes of issuing and receiving electronic invoices in multinational environments. It is the best choice solution for companies operating globally from centralized management systems with the need to process these documents in accordance with the legislation in force in each country.

No matter the scope of your project, we can help

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Data Conversion Module

This module allows the integration both in issuance and reception of any electronic invoice scheme directly with its internal management system.

Compliance Module

The invoice must be adapted to the legal framework of each country. This module maintains the necessary certifications to operate within the law in all regions of the world.

Communication Module

This module automatically identifies the recipient of the invoice and through the agreed communication protocol (web service, AS2, AS4, HTTPS, FTP ...) routes it to the recipient, either a public administration or a private partner. Our system always keeps the sender informed of the status of their message through traceability status controls.

Electronic safekeeping module

Our archiving service is designed in accordance with the highest international standards (ISO 14641 for Electronic Archiving), giving all archived documents the maximum guarantees of authenticity and integrity over time. This is a necessary requirement for invoices to be considered as legal evidence for third parties.

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